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NOW Offering 1/2 Day CHL Certification Classes
Getting you Texas CHL has never been easier in the State of Texas!!!

       CHL PROMO: Lowered CHL Classes for 2015
                * Now only $75 per person (minimum 2 person class for $150)
                    and only $50 per additional person (3+)
                * Free gun rental with ammo purchase
About US: We have been teaching the Gun Classes & CHL Program since 2001 and discovered that may people want to take gun training classes including the CHL certification class, but do not want to learn with a bunch of strangers / people they do not know. So last year we have changed the way we teach our classes; We offer only private classes for you, your friends, family and co-workers. Our class size can be as little as one person, but averaging 2 to 5 people, and our larger private classes to be around 40 people.

Class Information: Class room training in McKinney and the gun range training in Nevada. Our training room will facilitate up to 15 people comfortably, and we provide free snacks and drinks during class. We can mobilize our class room to be held at your location or some where else for an additional fee.

Note: You do not need to own a firearm to take our classes, we offer free gun rental with purchase of ammo or you may bring your own firearm. Our ammo prices starts at $15 for 50 rounds of 9mm.

As of September 1, 2013:
State of Texas has modified the CHL class certifications as follows:
Reduced class time for new license applicants from 10 hours 1/2 day (4 to 6 Hours).
Renewals no longer required to take CHL classes, now optional.

Available Training Classes:
CHL Renewal: Optional for active CHL licensees seeking a refresher coarse.
4 HR CHL New Licensing Class: Required for new CHL Licensees that already knows how to shoot.
5 HR CHL New Licensing Class: Required for new CHL Licensees and includes basic pistol training for new
           shooters or anyone who wants to prep for CHL shooting qualifications.

Ammo Purchase Cash Price, add 3% for credit Cards: (Pricing Includes Sales Tax)
Free Gun Rental w/Ammo Purchase (classroom only)  
  • 9mm 115GR RN FMJ = $15 per 50 rounds
  • 9mm 115GR RN FMJ = $260 per 1000 rounds  
  • 40 S&W 180GR RN FMJ = Sold Out
  • 380 100GR RN FMJ= $15  per 50 rounds  
  • 45 ACP 230GR RN FMJ = $20  per 50 rounds
  • 38 SPL 125GR FP FMJ = $18 per 50 rounds
  • 223 REM 55GR Hornady VMAX = $35 per 50 rounds

To reserve your class, you must register and pre-pay.

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